Corporate Mission and Values

We are an ICT enabler, seeking new practical applications and best practices of information and communication technology, trying to make a visible difference in the performance and quality of our customers’ business operations. We are committed to ensuring new approaches work for our clients and result in real improvements.
We, at Chavoosh, believe that making appropriate outcomes is only possible through providing value-added service to society and real effective results for our customers. We respect our culture while trying to globalize our community.
We are committed to the daily improvement of our skills and capabilities, enhancement of our services, and upgrading to the highest market standards. We know that this is possible through hard work, self-improvement, and nonstop learning.
We believe in innovations. That’s why in addition to seeking the best practices and latest solutions through internal research and development, we invest in ambitious innovative projects. We have created Chavoosh Innovations Studio, a platform consisting of a corporate VC and a Startup studio, specifically to persuade this.
Our clients are those who are ready to experience new ways of living and working, discover new potentials, and enhance their operations. We define our duty to help them realize their needs in the ICT field and move along the way to success.