Accept Wide-AdGraph Paper and Receive Award at 13th WebSci Conference

Chavoosh’s joint paper, Wide-AdGraph, was accepted at the 13th ACM WebSci Web Science Conference. This article was presented in the sixth session on Friday, July 25, 1400 by Mr. Amir Hossein Kargaran, and after that, in addition to accepting and approving the article, the jury introduced it as the best student article. Congratulations to Mr. Kargaran for his successful presentation and gaining this attention.

The WebSci Conference is a prestigious international, interdisciplinary conference in the field of science related to the World Wide Web, which seeks to improve the web space by bringing together scientists and engineers and exploring various aspects of science, technology, social sciences, law, and web space. This conference is held annually and its thirteenth meeting in 2021 was held online.

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