Data Analytics

“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.”  Herbert Simon, The information Rule
The vast growth of information and automation systems created the ground for large data generation and availability. Highly competitive players use this data for more than just diagnostic or business intelligence, they use modern data analytics, artificial intelligence, and new data architecture approaches to centralize, aggregate, and transform raw data into information and business operations insight as part of their daily work. Becoming data nimble is the new trend of utilizing existing data assets to generate awareness and sharpen prediction in decision making. This is the case in many fields, including public services, the internet of things, large industries, and of course telecommunications.
Applying analytics and data science requires expertise in both the algorithm and technical approaches as well as business acumen and field expertise to work closely together. At Chavoosh, we blend our experience in telecom and IT with new approaches in data science to implement practical solutions like automated traffic and network measurement, smart system maintenance and failure prediction, customer-oriented sales and marketing, business intelligence, and high-level operations report for service provider business management.

Data Management and Quality Assurance

The first step in becoming a data-driven organization is to establish data management procedures to assure the accuracy, validity, consistency, and integrity of data across various systems. This is done by putting appropriate data governance and stewardship in place to identify critical data elements and their sources and keep data lineage smooth across the firm.


Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning and data science can unlock the predictive power that is buried in large multidimensional data. Cost-effective automation and process improvement can be realized using state-of-the algorithms on the cloud resources.

Data Analytics and Prediction

New analytics and prescriptive statistical approaches driven by the new high computation power of software packages provide many tools to better utilize data for decision making. A team of analytics experts can handle data to answer the different business-driven questions and pave the way for the implementation of automized insight generation dashboards.


Modern Analytics Platform

Our platform called Pezhvak is a sophisticated, ready-to-implement product designed specifically for telecom operators to accumulate existing system data and network logs to generate various reports using data mining and machine learning tools.