Data Infrastructure Design and Project Management

In the current highly dynamic and communication-oriented environment, network infrastructure and data centers are more than ever critical enablers for information and communications systems. This is mostly because they provide necessary resources for colocation and integration of systems and secure storage of data. From medium-sized corporate networks to large industrial plants, and even metropolitan smart solutions, there are people as well as machines that rely on the infrastructure to store their data and communicate.
Chavoosh provides network and data center design and implementation services that help organizations to put ICT assets at the service of their business needs and strategic vision. Our well-experienced data network team utilizes the latest converged network technologies to design one infrastructure which handles different communication needs, including delivery of computer and human data, across the project scope. The application starts from large campus data networks to metropolitan communication infrastructure delivering IP, video surveillance, voice/unified communications, building management system, energy management, internet of things, and telecommunications traffic over a shared network. To centralize the management and maintenance of services and data, data centers or server rooms may be needed to securely host IT assets.
Our sophisticated teams provide service to help our clients establish their goals in various forms of engineering and design (E), procurement and sourcing (P), construction and implementation(C), or any form of management contract (MP).