Comprehensive design of communication infrastructure of Isfahan International Conference Center

The collection of halls of Isfahan International Conference Center started as a multi-purpose project in 2010 with the aim of hosting the Summit of Non-Aligned Countries in Iran. This center has been established on a 71-hectare land with 425,000 square meters of infrastructure in the east of Isfahan metropolis and its main hall has a capacity of 2,400 people. Isfahan International Conference Center is designed to express the famous phrase “Isfahan, half of the world” because its hemispherical shape symbolizes ‘half of the world’ and its building, including its interior roof, which symbolizes the roof of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, has a special architecture of Isfahan.

Chavoosh Company, as a consultant for conceptual design and compilation and production of executive plans of the International Conference Center in three areas of integrated communication infrastructure, information technology systems in the field of security and access control, and audio and video systems of conference halls. . The field of integrated communication infrastructure includes a network platform and a data center with a size of 600 square meters. , Building management and… designed. In the field of security systems, event-based video surveillance system design and active access control have been done with common security requirements at the level of international interactions. Face and image systems include large screens in the main hall and sub-hall screens and control and control rooms, live video imaging, facilities for TV network crews, simultaneous translation systems, and audio systems for the ceremony.

The first and second stages of the Isfahan International Conference Center were inaugurated in August 1400 by the then-mayor through a video conference with the president.

Main employer: Isfahan Municipality Deputy for Civil Engineering

Coordinating consulting engineer: Pars Payst Company

Consulting Engineer in the field of communication, audio and video: Chavoosh Computer Company

Design area: Data infrastructure network, information technology, and security systems, audio and video

Project area: main hall and side halls, offices, cinema and ballroom, service spaces, and communication with neighboring departments (five-star hotel and large commercial center)

Beginning and end of work: February 2012 to October 2013

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