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Decision Makers
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Customized Web Software/App Solutions
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Our services

Infrastructure and data networks

An integrated communication platform underpins the development of intelligent services, enterprise systems and inclusive communications

Data centers and server rooms

Integration of servers and storage resources for enterprise and public services

Web and software

Implementation of enterprise portals and customer order applications

Telecommunication networks

Comprehensive network management solutions and content-based services for large operators

About Chavoosh

At Chavoosh, we blend creative and strategic planning with expert knowledge to tackle the toughest ICT challenges for businesses. Knowing that today’s businesses build their foundations on information and communication technology, we deliver the expertise to help build ICT infrastructure which suits our clients’ needs. Our services include IT staffing and outsourcing, ICT consulting, and project management.

Chavoosh Innovations Studio projects

Chavoosh Innovations Studio is an innovation-based business growth platform founded by Chavoosh. The center operates by establishing an independent structure based on a start-up studio and a corporate venture capital fund (CVC) subset of Chavoosh Computer Legal Personality.

Some of the projects and businesses that have been formed in Chavoosh Innovations Studio:



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