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With the advancement of technology and the emergence of new telecommunication technologies such as 4G and 5G technology, users’ use of the Internet has increased dramatically. Among these, a large number of users’ activities on the Internet are related to surfing the web, surfing social networks, watching movies, and downloading applications. Meanwhile, a significant portion of sensitive and effective traffic to the satisfaction of affiliates is devoted to content such as the web, video, files, and other services that have a cacheable nature (storage of content to increase access speed) and can be Be provided locally. Internet providers, on the other hand, have to develop their own infrastructure to meet the high volume of their users’ traffic while reducing their costs.

Therefore, organizations that are able to meet the growing needs of their users and provide Internet services with the best quality and in the fastest possible time to their users will be in a higher position.

There are many ways to speed up Internet service for users in today’s world. One of the most important of these methods is the use of server cache equipment in telecommunication networks and operators. Deploying a Cache Server in a network Internet traffic path allows those popular contents that are frequently viewed by multiple users to

Saved locally and in case of duplication, provide upstream links from the saved version instead of reoccupying it. In this case, users will receive content from a shorter distance and locally, and the Internet provider will save a significant amount of its upstream bandwidth, which will reduce the costs of that organization.



Chavosh Company, the exclusive representative of * Conversant Company, is a supplier of Carrier-Grade server cache equipment with SwiftCache brand in Iran and the region. The company’s services in the field of server cache systems include consulting, design, supply, configuration, and support services for SwiftCache equipment. This equipment can be provided both as Appliance and Virtualize for organizations of different sizes.

At present, Chavosh Company has a very brilliant history in the field of caching in Iran and neighboring countries. Supply, configuration, and support of various Cache Farm projects in Iran, which include about 70% of the market share of Iran, is in the portfolio of this company.

Also, the support of Layer 2 SwiftCahce server cache equipment in neighboring countries is done on behalf of the manufacturer in cooperation with the active technical team of this company.

Using SwiftCache equipment with the least amount of resource consumption will save more than 75% of upstream bandwidth for customers.


By using Carrier-Grade hardware and using optimized algorithms in this product, an increase of at least 10 times the speed of receiving cached content compared to non-cached content is achieved. Also, with changes in the quality of service in the upstream network, there will be no change in the quality of the speed of cached content.


Some projects:

Supply, launch, and support of various cache server projects in Iran consisting of 70% of the share of the Iranian caching market in mobile operators, telecommunications, ViMax, TD-LTE, and… in the provinces of Tehran, Khorasan, Azerbaijan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Semnan, Kermanshah, Kurdistan and…

Large operators in the country that use the Swift Cache solution:

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* Conversant is a Singapore-based company that specializes in providing caching solutions to telecommunications companies, mobile operators, and ISPs. Based in Southeast Asia, which has a high level of Internet penetration and users are particularly interested in new services, the company has extensive experience in optimizing algorithms, especially for new service traffic such as video, file sharing, etc., and established an office. In different countries, it has many reputable service providers and operators in its customer profiles

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