Telecommunication network of Isfahan large industrial town

Isfahan large industrial town with an area of ​​1200 hectares is located in the north of Isfahan at the entrance of Isfahan from Tehran-Qom-Isfahan route and at km 14 of Alavijeh road. Various industries are operating in this town, including metal, food, production of compressed air tanks, shed construction, and so on. This town is mentioned as the largest industrial town in Isfahan and one of the few large industrial towns in Iran.

Due to the lack of physical infrastructure for telecommunications in this town, Chavosh Company in 1394 provided materials and implemented a project to create a copper and optical communication platform in phase one of the town in an area of ​​400 hectares and during 5 months of drilling operations. Complete installation of ponds, canalization, implementation of subducts and COD pipes, over 29 km of copper and fiber optic network of the town.

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