Needs assessment, design and implementation of data center of Isfahan General Office of Deeds and Real Estate

The new central building of Isfahan General Office of Deeds and Real Estate was inaugurated in 2015 while the data center and services based on it, as one of the main needs of the organization, were considered by the relevant officials at the same time as completing its construction operations. Therefore, at the beginning of 1994, the data center needs assessment plan and then in the middle of the year, the executive operations of the physical infrastructure and passive parts of the data center in an area of ​​150 square meters were implemented by the executive team of Chavosh Company.

In this regard, the main topics of the operation are as follows:

  • Full implementation of three earth wells
  • Flooring and concreting operations of the floor level of the machine hall, NOC and electric room
  • Civil operations Execution of rails, communication paths of facilities and leveling of walls
  • Execution operation of complete insulation of the walls of data center halls
  • Execution of infrastructure of electrical and mechanical installations
  • Execution of standard false ceiling, roofing and roofing with lighting system
  • Implementation of ceiling duct split cooling system in all areas of electrical and monitoring rooms
  • Execution of location system and installation of condensers of the cooling system of the main hall of the data center
  • Partitioning of structures and knauf and fireproof covering of adjacent spaces
  • Execution operation and installation of equipment lifting systems in the main hall and electric room
  • Preparation of all As Built drawings of data center power supply system
  • Execution operation and installation of fire doors at the entrances of the entire data center set
  • Executive operation of transferring the main light fiber to the Entrance Facility hall
  • Cooperation in the executive operation of the complex fire extinguishing system

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