Central building network of the engineering system organization

The new central building of Isfahan Province Building Engineering System Organization, with an area of ​​approximately 8000 square meters and 8 floors, will be used as the main center of the organization to transfer the executive and headquarters units of the province. The purpose of the project is to design communication and information technology of the building, to study the needs of the organization in this area and to anticipate the necessary facilities to achieve the highest utilization of capital and optimal use of the computer network of the building.

In the conceptual design of the building network, the selected model is integrated networks based on common infrastructure. In this method, instead of creating separate physical networks for each communication application, a data infrastructure network is created and as much as possible, the desired communication services are implemented on this network.

  • Input space design and communication with external networks
  • Internal distribution network system
  • Isolation of service traffic
  • Service architecture based on infrastructure network
  • Maintaining security in infrastructure
  • Physical and mechanical requirements in network implementation
  • Requirements and environmental specifications related to ICT networks and spaces
  • Routing and canal construction
  • Electrical and electrical backup system
  • Physical protection system and traffic control
  • Video surveillance system
  • Server room physical parameters monitoring system
  • Air conditioning system / cooling / air purifier server room
  • Server room fire extinguishing system

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