According to IRNA, this data center with a credit of about 50 billion rials was set up with the aim of providing various services and services of information technology, internet and intranet to companies located in science and technology parks and growth centers of Isfahan scientific and research town.

This data center is designed and created with complete redundancy and based on passive defense standards and independent input of cables, Cross Connect connections, central switching of the park network and a capacity of 500 terabytes. The Minister of Communications and Information Technology said at the opening ceremony of the center: “This ministry will provide good support to universities, science and technology parks and growth centers.” “Mohammad Hassan Nami” added: “We have signed memoranda of understanding with the country’s universities in this field, and today we signed a memorandum of understanding with Isfahan University and Isfahan University of Technology in this field.”

He pointed out that today, information and communication technology is one of the most important issues in the world for development and invasion: “Global arrogance is using this technology to its advantage with virtual attacks and information theft and the impact of the social network.” He continued: “Arrogant people try to dominate the dialogue between nations and governments in this way.” The Minister of Communications, stating that today a very good income is obtained from this field, said: Iran has a great opportunity for the growth of information technology for the economic development of the country.

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